Electricity Human Resources Canada has undertaken a comprehensive Aboriginal Workforce Participation Initiative . The project includes the development of a cohesive strategy based on research and best practices, two demonstration projects, documentation of best practices and the adaptation of HR tools targeted to industry needs. Throughout the project there has been significant consultation with stakeholders including industry, Aboriginal peoples, labour unions, educational institutions, government representatives and others as appropriate.

The Aboriginal Workforce Participation Initiative and its activities were made possible by the participation, contributions, and support of the following:

The Aboriginal Workforce Participation Initiative Steering Committee:

John Wabb – Chair
First Vice-President
Canadian Union of Skilled Workers

Jeannie Cranmer
Aboriginal Education and Employment Strategy Manager
BC Hydro

Maria Moran
Benefits and Training Lead
Nalcor Energy

Norm Fraser
Chief Operating Officer
Hydro Ottawa

Michelle Branigan
Chief Executive Officer
Electricity Human Resources Canada

Kevin Joseph
Project Manager
Electricity Human Resources Canada

Mike Buckle
Program Officer
Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development

Research Consultants

Aboriginal Human Resource Council:

Craig Hall
Sarah Norris
Hilkka McCallum

We would also like to thank the following stakeholders for their contributions throughout the project:

  • Hydro One
  • Ontario Power Generation Inc.
  • BC Hydro
  • Manitoba Hydro
  • SaskPower
  • Northwest Territories Power Corporation
  • Emera Inc.
  • Pukwis Energy Co-Operative
  • First Nations Power Authority

SaskPower on Aboriginal Recruitment:

SaskPower on working with Aboriginal businesses:

Manitoba Hydro on Aboriginal Procurement:

BC Hydro on Working with Aboriginals:

Download a PDF of the report.