Electricity Human Resources Canada has undertaken an initial diagnostic study to explore the area of Aboriginal procurement. This interest in Aboriginal procurement follows on the heels of the organization’s successful project on Aboriginal recruitment, advancement and retention.

In this new diagnostic study, two broad needs for electricity and renewable companies’ supply chain were considered. On the one hand, larger electricity companies in each province and territory have ongoing procurement needs for products and services relating to infrastructure maintenance, new capital projects, etc. On the other hand, procurement can also refer to efforts to invite and stimulate independent power generation projects (e.g. alternative generation in wind, solar etc) that is, projects that could feed into power grids. While there are many similarities in these two types of procurement needs, and recognizing that both offer tremendous opportunities for Aboriginal peoples, the primary focus was on the first bundle of procurement needs for purposes of this first diagnostic project.

In consideration of the limited scope of this first diagnostic project on Aboriginal procurement, Electricity Human Resources Canada may wish to undertake a second research project at a later date. A future research study would explore the specific opportunities relating to Aboriginal business interests in independent power production, opportunities relating to alternatives to diesel power generation currently in use in northern communities, and specific business opportunities relating to feed in tariff programs.

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