Procurement opportunities over the next decade will be extensive as electricity companies undertake new capital projects and require maintenance on existing facilities. As Canada’s Aboriginal businesses continue to play an increasingly larger role in the national economy, Canada’s Aboriginal people and the resources they control represent a massive untapped supply chain. The issue for industry employers becomes how to develop relationships with Aboriginal businesses and how to increase their capability to participate in the industry whereas, for suppliers, the main issue is that of building capacity to produce and market quality products and services. Funded by the Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada, this website and the material found within will help guide organizations to success when looking at the engagement of Aboriginals and the businesses they operate.

Electricity Human Resources Canada also has tools and resources available for Aboriginal business owners. Please visit our Aboriginal Businesses section to learn more or download the report here.

SaskPower on Aboriginal Recruitment:

SaskPower on working with Aboriginal businesses:

Manitoba Hydro on Aboriginal Procurement:

BC Hydro on Working with Aboriginals:

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